The Delicate Style of a Jewelry Designer from Toulouse, France

There are so many different styles for jewelry these days.
Some women like heavy jewelry, like metal bangle bracelets. Other women love statement necklaces with an African twist. But most women- usually just like delicate and beautiful jewelry, with unique craftsmanship and semi-precious stones.

For these kind of jewelry you need to go to Toulouse.
Well, you actually don’t need to get on a flight… maybe just click here and go to ChristinPiedra Etsy shop.

Named after it’s French designer, this Etsy shop is a special boutique for the classiest jewelry ever- and the color combinations are sansasional!
Pink & yellow Tourmaline mixed with sterling silver, watermelon Tourmaline with 14K gold, opal and moonstone on top of gold, Amethyst on a golden ring, Aqua marine earrings – and so many other interesting colors and metals- basically the perfect accessories!

Here are some of my personal favorites from Christin’s shop:

If you like this style go ahead and
visit ChristinPiedra Etsy shop today for more!

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