Unique Wooden Home Decorations By The Cellini Family !

“Inspiration comes at you from every angle, you just have to open your eyes to see it.” Orlando says in his Etsy shop’s bio section. An immediate feeling of inspiration rises inside of me…
I like seeing people who do what inspires them- and make a living out of their talents.

raised-planter-box-succulent-box-garden-bed-planter-box-vegetible-planter-raised-planter-outdoor-planter-flowers-garden-3795349 rustic-entryway-organizer-entryway-mail-holder-rustic-entryway-organizer-entrwaykey-holder-coat-rack-sunglass-holder-farmhouse-decor-6366218

Orlando & Tina Cellini are two very talented people, and their love for each other was the base for their Etsy shop- MadeByCellini.
In their shop, the married couple sell wooden accessories that will make for a beautiful addition to your home or your outdoor areas. You can get them as a gift for a new home, a gift for someone you love, or for no other reason than that they are beautiful and made with such high quality and attention to details.

rustic-candle-holder-mason-jar-sconce-rustic-sconce-decor-candle-holder-rustic-lantern-mason-jar-wood-candle-rustic-candle-holders-8220312 rustic-wooden-birdhouse-small-hand-crafted-outdoor-birdhouse-easter-mothers-day-springtime-summer-birds-nest-garden-5261562 safe-step-stool-railing-toddler-step-stool-with-support-rail-kids-step-stool-rustic-step-stool-modern-stool-boot-stool-rustic-3708680

You can see the great craftsmanship work in the couple’s items, and what I loved most in Orlando’s touching Etsy bio, was when he said: “I never ship anything that I wouldn’t accept in my own home because I expect the same respect when I’m the buyer.”

What to see some more woodwork by the Cellini Family?
Visit MadeByCellini Etsy shop today!

PS, I know it’s not even close to Christmas- but this is amazing!!!


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