100% Natural, Handmade, Blessed, Lifetime warranty Buddhist Bracelets

If you’re looking for an item that is both stylish and healthy-spiritual- you can never go wrong with a Buddhist bracelet.
One unique Etsy shop by the name of BuddhistBracelet is sharing their amazing collection of handmade bracelets with the world! (Shipping worldwide from the USA).

Every bracelet this store has is made of natural materials, whether they be wood, seeds, or other materials- they are all 100% natural. Having a fully-natural bracelet is not only healthier and safer to wear, but it’s also eco-friendly, and a great way to have a sustainable fashion accessory in our day and age. That is basically the core of the Buddhist tradition and belief system- connecting with nature without damaging it.

Each one of the items you’ll see at the BuddhistBracelet Etsy shop is handmade!
Meaning- either handmade from scratch, or hand finished by a master artist. The entire bracelet collection is made using a process of at least 7 steps! (And some bracelets even have a process of 20 steps! From raw to perfection!).

Many companies let machines do all the work for them, and we believe that no machine can do the quality, finishing and details our master craftsmen do. (Alex, the owner of BuddhistBracelet, says in his shop’s bio).

We made a promise to ourselves and our customers since the very first day that we will only use the best possible materials, quality and finishing in all our products, and we take that promise very seriously.

To top this off- these bracelets were each blessed, individually, by a Buddhist monk.

The blessing is being administered to every unique bracelet we offer by a dedicated monk in a temple, no exceptions. It’s done by holding the bracelet in hand and reciting a particular mantra in a specific way to bless and attract positive energy to the person wearing this item. It’s not to grant any superpowers or metaphysical abilities but solely for good energy and healthy vibe. Additionally, for every single bracelet that is blessed, we donate a percentage of our profits to a temple or a group of monks.

This shop and seller also offer a unique small collection of Buddhist necklaces and hangables (that you can either wear or hang on your door or your walls!)

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Their pages are filled with unique calming Buddhist content.

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