High Fashion Toddler & Baby Shoes, Moccasins and Boots

Finding high quality fashion for babies and toddlers could be so expensive! I mean- They run, jump into things, destroying their own footwear, as well as constantly grow out of them! That’s why if you need something of quality, that is also fashionable and affordable- you need to check out Etsy! The online marketplace, Etsy, is home to many independent designers of everything- jewelry, furniture, shoes, bags, clothes, and more. And as these designers don’t have the overhead expenses of renting an actual shop in a mall or street- they can offer you exclusive creative items- in affordable prices!

Back to baby shoes…

High Fashion for Babies & Toddlers

Being small doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish, and JoAnn, owner of BabyMoccsFashion Etsy shop, is here to prove it! With a growing collection of high quality leather shoes, sandals, boots & moccasins for kids, her shop is simply too cute to be able to resist buying it all (and my nieces are way too old for these, and still I’m tempted!).

In JoAnn’s Etsy boutique for toddler and baby shoes, you’ll find all kinds of shoes and sandals, to fit the seasons and occasions your little ones need to be fancy & comfortable.

Using high quality leather is a great way to ensure the shoes stay strong, and as one baby grows out of them- the next one would be able to use them too!

Baby shoes with a Vintage Flair

Looking at these adorable baby shoes and toddler moccasins I can’t help but remember those old photos my grandma showed me of her childhood- wearing similar shoes to what JoAnn is making. However, it’s like this baby shoes designer just took that old vintage vibe- and somehow created a remake of these amazing leather baby shoes- that fits the here and now. You can shop at ease with JoAnn, and always find a true size chart for each and every one of her baby and toddler shoes!

Measure your kid’s foot, and compare it to the chart. If you still don’t know what size to take- simply contact JoAnn on her Etsy shop BabyMoccsFashion– and ask her ! (She’s super friendly and here to help!)

To get these adorable high quality shoes for your baby or toddler

hop on to JoAnn’s Etsy shop BabyMoccsFashion

or visit her official Website BabyMoccs!

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