The Art of Printing- on What’s Already There.

When people think about the beginning of a painting they would often imagine an artist standing in front of a blank canvas… However- some of the best art in the world was not painted on blank at all- but was placed on top of something so “everyday like” that it made it shine.

As I love all forms of mixed media art- I fell in love with painting over “things” and so- I had to be in love with Amber.

Amber is the owner of AmberCurio Etsy store, and with more than 12K sales on her belt- I can definitely say I’m not the only one who loves her unique style!
Amber sell the most amazing prints, stylish, inspiring, fun… And all of her prints can be purchased on various types of papers- like a Britannica page, a dictionary page, music sheet paper, and on papers written in different languages.

If you take a look inside her store- I’m sure you’ll find that perfect gift you’ve been looking for there… Even if the gift is for no one other than yourself!

Visit Amber’s Social media to follow up on her talent, new designs and potential promotions:
Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest, or visit her official website!

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Go to Amber’s Etsy store to see more!

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