Don’t Bother Growing Them- Just Get Press On Nail!

I’ve always wanted long beautiful nails, with colorful polishes, and a stunning feminine vibe… But what can i do- I’m a biter! I bite them, I chew on them, and growing them to be long and beautiful is simply a task I will never be able to cross of my to do list.
That’s why the lord gave us brilliant people who invented press on nails!

Press On Nails – Fake Nails Kits

Press on nails, or Fake nails, are nails you can easily glue on top of your own- for an immediate and amazing look in minutes! They are easily placed, and you can use one set for a week, or just for one night out with your friends. (Or for a hot date!)
If you’re looking for colorful press on nails, you should check out MDM Heaven Beauty Etsy shop!
This is a new Etsy boutique, recently opened, that shares unique fashionable accessories for the modern woman! It’s owned by Corina, a single mom for 3 special needs kids. As it’s hard for her to get a job and care for her kids at the same time- her Etsy shop is to be a new source of income for their little family!

All the press on nails from MDM Heaven Beauty come in a special fake nails kit you can use more than once! The set includes 24 fake nails, as well as special nail stickers to connect these press on nails to your own!
The current design style is coffin nails, which I adore- as they are super sexy, while classy at the same time!

Check out MDM Heaven Beauty Etsy shop
for your very own press on nails today!

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