Unique Mosaic Jewelry & Home Decor by Cristina Pereira

“When someone mentions Portugal, a few things come to mind: Port wine, Lisbon, seafood, surfing, Cristiano Ronaldo and … azulejos(tiles)! Deeply embedded in Portugal’s history and culture, there are countless wonderful examples of these beautiful tiles.”

– Cristina Pereira

One of the places I love most in the world is Portugal, for two reasons- the warm people and the beautiful mosaic tiles! Unique tiles have been the silent art of Portugal, and with Portuguese artists like Cristina Pereira- this art has come to life!

In love with mosaic art, and holding a true talent for product design, Cristina Pereira opened up VersaTILEbyCristina – an Etsy shop dedicated to her artistic mosaics. Using a cute wordplay VersaTILE is a place you could find Versatile works of art made from tiles !

Mosaic bookmarks, mosaic boxes, mosaic bracelets and necklaces- and so much more- all in one place of magical tiles!

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