Jackie Moss is Bringing You The Funnest Maternity Gowns Ever!

If you’re looking for Maternity gowns that are functional and fun, you should definitely visit Jackie Moss’ Etsy shop- Giftgowns!

Now, when you think about what a maternity gown should have- most people just think that it needs to be airy and a bit bigger than a normal bedtime dress… But that’s not true!

Being pregnant, going into labor, breastfeeding… All these things require the mother to wear something that can easily be removed on top of being extra specious! And that’s why Jackie’s gowns are such a hit- they just snap right open- back and shoulders, giving you the comfort and access you need!

Did I mention she ships worldwide??
Find out about her affordable shipping prices in her shop!

But, never mind all that “usefulness” haha, let’s talk design!!
I mean, COME ON! Jackie’s labor gowns and maternity dresses are super stylish, carrying on funny prints, romantic designs, and other features that simply make a statement!

If you like the maternity dresses and labor gowns in this post,
by all means, carry on to Jacki’s Etsy shop, Giftgowns,
and find out how you could get one of your own!

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