Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles Inspired By Black Culture

So many people these days are making their own crafts and selling them on Etsy. People who find some pass-time hobby and later try to sell it.
Opening a shop isn’t an easy thing if you want to do it right, so if you don’t have that passion to spread the love- you won’t make it.

So today I set out to find a shop with owners who are inspired by their items, and I have.
The shop is called SweetEpiphanyShop, and the family who owns it- are quite the inspiring bunch!

This sweet Etsy boutique is selling soy wax candles, hand poured and from the finest soy wax, without added chemicals, scented with different fragrances that were inspired by the leaders of black culture, and the black culture itself.

Kisses that melt!

Melt me a kiss, will ya?
With these special soy wax melts – I think you found the next gift for your girlfriend, best friend or sister!

A special place in my heart belongs to my beloved late aunt, Daphy, and ever since her passing- I cannot help but feel drawn to that pink ribbon… The same ribbon that you’ll see in the Cancer Awareness candle in SweetEpiphanyShop Etsy shop. Cheers to you Renita & Ron (the owners) for sharing such a unique candle with us all!

Find out more about this family business
on their Facebook or Instagram
or simply visit SweetEpiphanyShop Etsy shop
today for more!

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