Handmade Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils from Albania

I don’t want to seem chauvinist by saying that any woman would love to get these handmade olive wood kitchen utensils, but I sure will be ecstatic! Although, these for a fact aren’t for everyone and there is a range you can choose from https://buyersimpact.co.uk/ just by simply reading the many reviews they have. But, these handmade olive wooden kitchen utensils are on my women’s wish list.

Gledis, owner of SkandWood Albanian Etsy store, is selling the most amazing hand crafted wooden kitchen utensils, made from high quality olive wood- and they are simply PERFECT!

It’s holiday season, and getting your Christmas dinner host a set from Gledis’s store- would be magical! If ever you know a woman who likes to host (or a man, I’m cool with that), but don’t know much more about them- this is the perfect gift!

Christmas gifts could be a hard thing to shop for, especially if they are for people you have a casual relationship with… However, getting someone hand crafted imported wooden kitchen utensils is probably the best idea: They are stylish, hand crafted to perfection, unique in your country, and thoughtful!

Pssst…. If you are looking for the best Christmas gift for me… that would probably be a pepper grinder, especially one that looks so GOOD!

If you’re planning a big Christmas dinner for your family or friends, you might just want to stop by Gledis’s store first and imagine how these amazing hand crafted wooden kitchen utensils would look in your kitchen and dinner table! If you have a huge list of kitchen utensils you need to buy, shop around to find the perfect ones for your kitchen!!

Gledis’s Etsy store has been doing great, as the products are so good that the store maintained a 5 star rating- even after 440+ orders! A true small family business- the one’s we should be supporting most these time of the year!

You can follow this store and seller on Facebook or Instagram– where you’ll be the first to know of new designs and potential promotions!

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Happy Holidays!

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