Have You Considered Upgrading Your CV?

The search for a new job is stressful.
It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a middle-class work after months of unemployment, or if you’re a marketing VP that still has a place in their company- a new job search takes a tole from us all. Whilst having an attractive CV is always beneficial, it’s not always guaranteed to get you an interview. Recently, more employers have been using social media to ensure their staff are reliable and professional. With more people growing up in a world where everything is uploaded online, this can be concerning. It’s important to make sure that nothing you posted on your old social media accounts will prevent you from getting your dream job. To read more about social media’s impact on an individual’s online reputation, you could look here. Employers are looking to recruit a friendly workforce, so it’s no surprise that these checks are becoming more popular.

You want to be your BEST self

You know that you need to stand up and make sure that recruitment agencies and HR managers will notice you- even if they have hundreds of CVs stacked up on their desk. And there’s a way to do just that- if you ask for professional help! As well as making your CV stand out, if you get that phone call or email asking you to come in for an interview, you also need to be prepared for that. It may seem like a while away before you get that call, but it is better to be prepared early than not at all. As you improve your CV, you may also want to check out sites such as https://www.berkeassessment.com/solutions, just so you are covering the whole job application process.

Now, a professional CV writer can take you dozens if not hundreds of dollars for a single file… And given the fact that you don’t have that money now (looking for a job, remember?)- you should find other ways of getting that professional help with your CV- in a more affordable way. Some websites have really useful resources where you can access a template you can easily tailor to increase your success!

Professional CV templates for Word

The WORD “app” has some interesting CV templates, but most of them no longer stand out- as everyone is using them these days. However, there are some people who combine graphic skills & an eye for design alongside CV logic- and create their own templates.
Don’t worry- you don’t need to test your skills here… Cause I found someone awesome to do it for you!

Meet Siilvi from Tampa, Florida! Siilvi has 12 years of experience in HR under her belt- and when it comes to applying for a new job- she’s the one you should be listening to! She is the main face of Hired Design Studio, a wonderful Etsy store dedicated to CV templates you could download instantly and use inside your Word app.

She runs Hired Design Studio alongside her husband Paul, who spent the last 15 years in being an awesome graphic designer. There’s that perfect combo we’ve talked about before! Of course, there are other places you can download a professional looking template for your cv , such as cvmaker.uk.

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