The Story of The Grandmother, with a House on the Beach.


Tina Marie always dreamt of living in house by the beach, but life doesn’t always give you what you wish for- when you wish it. She had to go a long way, a difficult one, being a single mom, providing for her family.

But now, when she’s a grandmother of two, Tina finally has her walks on the beach- where her house is.

In 2011 Tina was taking all these beautiful beach photos from her walks, that she had opened this brand for it- Sunscreen & Seashells. Her photos got people excited, dreaming of the sand and the ocean, and her walks became her therapy. Gathering seashells for weight, Tina realized she could be using her walking time for other things.

Opening her eyes and scattering the shore, Tina was looking for unique items left behind.

Different items people leave when they go, along with seashells, were the basis of Tina’s new shop on Etsy- SunscreenSeashells.
She took all these long lost items and nautical accessories of nature- and upcycled them, changed them, added to them, and made from them. Sometimes she just cleaned them one proper time… to see how beautiful they were just as they were made- many years ago.

In her shop you’ll be able to find 2 types of items: Items that Tina found and renewed, and items that were made using seashells.

Both categories- have exquisite items!

I personally love her seashell hats- that can be customized!

Aren’t these amazing??
Other than these items- a lot of other items on Tina’s shop can be personalized for any occasion and person! If you see something you like personalized, or if you need Tina’s help in making the perfect seashell-gift – don’t hesitate to reach out to her via the Etsy msg board! (“contact seller” button).

You can also find Tina and her beach-walk-adventures on social media!
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Her IG is recommended for all of you who love dogs on top of the beach

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