No One Likes Boring Mail

The field of online shopping has grown so much in the past decade.
People are buying more online, people are also selling more online!

Many years ago you had the big industry giants shipping worldwide, while people barely opened online stores. People were selling second hand items on eBay, and making a business out of selling your handmade goods online- was a dream.

Etsy was born, and along with other online malls- people started selling their handmade items – expanding the reach of their clients, and making a dream come true by making an income from their hobbies and talents. However, the big chains have the biggest resources, and the small shops need to improvise. We need to make it better, give our clients that personal package that is also professional, surprise with our design… And for that- there’s actually an Etsy shop!

The name is TheGoldenDandelion18, and the business is selling unique and creative packaging bags, poly mailers, bubble filled envelopes, and even stickers! All with a unique design that will make anyone smile!

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