Easy Grow MicroFarm Systems… On Etsy!

We are all aware of the dangers of today’s food. People eat things that are bad for them, don’t eat enough vegetables and herbs, prefer sweetened drinks over tea and make quick high calorie meals instead of more balanced ones. Even if you are trying to keep a healthy diet, study the different benefits of herbs and combine them in your daily nutrition- you still don’t know what these herbs and plants “went through” before meeting you.

As you might think you are getting only the best of the best in your local market, that might not be true. Vegetables and herbs that are grown for mass-selling purposes are often sprayed with insects-repelling substances, that are crucial for the crops’ survival, but are not all that healthy for us. It can be hard for people to find a healthy solution in being able to protect their vegetables and herbs from these insects, especially if they are growing small amounts in their garden. That’s why some people decide to look for pest control experts in their area, similar to this Illinois company (https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/illinois/) that can provide them with a solution that can get rid of any insects, as well as providing a healthy alternative to an insect-repelling substance. As most of the countries import their vegetables and herbs, not only are you getting “healthy” food that was sprayed to resist bugs and flies, but you are also getting “fresh” food that found it’s way to you by industrial flights.

You CAN Grow Your Own

Although we are in the year 2015, and no longer live in a farm-based society, you can find ways to make your own nutrients- easily and with a lot of fun! MicroFarm Etsy store is a store that is build to answer that specific need!

Selling everything from seeds to full home growing kits, if you are looking to add some more health to your household- MicroFarms is the key to that!

If you have your health in mind, you might like to keep the environment safe as well. MicroFarms’ growing units are all made from recycled plastic bottles!! The units contain an energy-saving LED lighting to make sure you save on power costs and usage. Though if you want to save even more on energy costs, it’s a good idea to compare energy prices to make sure you have the best deal in place for when you start your MicroFarm (this article here has more information, as well as some useful energy-saving tips.) If you want to start small, MicroFarms Etsy sellers also sells mini-farms growing systems. That’s basically the growing platform- but without the lighting and the entire machine. If you are still not sure if this is something you want or need in your house- just think of how much fun it would be as a gift for your child, cousin or little sibling. Take a look at MicroFarms Etsy store today and see how you can get these sets for your own home or get them as an educational project for your little ones!

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