Personalized Dog Lover Gifts with Custom Pet Portraits

While there are beautiful and amazing home decor and everyday items made with dog paintings and photos- a lot of dog owners prefer to enjoy these items- with a personalized painting of their dog- and not just a random puppy!
For people who are looking for personalized dog portraits and custom dog lover gifts- Etsy is surely the best place to start the search!

Artistic custom dog portrait paintings

The online marketplace for handmade goods, Etsy, is home to many special and talented artists, from all over the world, that can draw/paint/sketch a beautiful personalized dog portrait from a photo of your dog! There are shops with different sellers creating true-to-photo paintings that are super cute!

But one Etsy artist- took this idea to a whole new level, and her name is Jonerta Prenga.

In her Etsy shop, MyjoartGifts, Jonerta created a line of special personalized dog portraits- that are made from a photo of your dog- and a lot of imagination!
Taking a simple photo, and adding a world around it, and the elements on the dog (as you can see in the photo above, with the flower crown on the cute dog, or in the examples below)

The perfect gift for dog lovers

These unique dog portraits can be ordered on canvas pieces, ready to be hung in your home, or on everyday items you’re going to love to have with you everywhere you go- like super cute tote canvas bags- with your very own dog portrait on them:

Personalized dog portraits on everyday items

When you go to MyjoartGifts Etsy shop, you’ll see a variety of items to choose from- and all with the same basic ideal: You order an item you want, send a photo of your precious dog to Jonerta, and she creates a unique magical portrait from that photo- with your ideas!
This portrait, after your approval, is sent out to be printed on high quality items, using a USA based printing company that can print Jonerta’s design on practically anything.

Bring the ART to your FEEDS

If you want to see more new designs by Jonerta, and generally surround your social channels with cute images of adorable dog portraits from photos- check out the shop’s InstagramFacebook!

Visit MyjoartGifts for more unique dog portraits
And personalized gifts for dog lovers!

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