Female Empowerment Mugs by The Glassy Lass

Men will never understand- how the right print on your morning coffee mug could empower you!
Having that first drink in the beginning of a new day, that special moment, is where you gather the strength and energy for the day ahead! It’s your time to organize your day in your head, and encourage a positive approach to today’s tasks!

If you want to get that GO TO attitude on your coffee mug- check out The Glassy Lass shop on Etsy! 
Owned by a sweet married couple from Nevada, The Glassy Lass is a place where you’ll find all kinds of cute personalized mugs. That’s where I found these 3 women empowerment mugs for you gals to start your day with!

Each mug you see here, and basically all the mugs in The Glassy Lass shop, can be custom made with the other side of the drinking glass containing any text you want: your name, a quote, good morning, anything!

These mugs are not only super awesome to get for yourself- but also a great office gift to any gal on your team! They make for the best morning coffee mugs, but I’ve heard they also work at night LOL

Check out The Glassy Lass shop for these
female empowerment mugs & unique mug gifts!

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