Look Your Best with This Kentucky Based Single Mom Fashionista

One of the things i love most about Etsy, the largest online marketplace for handmade goods, is to see so many shops that have their own unique story.
To me, knowing a bit about a seller, helps me connect to their creations more… And that was definitely the case with Devan Chilton and her Etsy shop MotherFilter.

Family business owned by a single mom and her son

As a single mom in a small town in Kentucky, Devan had a small selection of fashion items to buy. Being a single mom and caring for her son meant- no long out-of-town trips, to expand her wardrobe.. However, her son’s brutal fashion sense made her confront with her closet on a daily basis!
This sweet little opinionated boy, only 4 years old, turned out to be his mom’s best PUSH towards creating her very own fashion business- making all kinds of unique fashionable items, in the BEST styles the fashion world has ever seen!

Devan took her fashion style and creativity to Etsy, and while most sellers have 30-50 items in their Etsy shops, Devan went ALL IN creating not a shop- but a MALL of online finds!
With over 1400 clothing items of all kinds and different accessories, her shop MotherFilter is THE place to find practically EVERYTHING !

Jumpsuits? she got them! Sheer open front cardigans? Yes! Lovely elegant dresses for the perfect night out? already there!


Must-SEE fashion shop

Taking her talent online, Devan chose to open 2 shops: one on Etsy, and one on her own domain. With her personal online shop outside of Etsy, Devan had all the space to write about her personal life, experience, and what motivated her to open MotherFilter in the first place.

As a single parent, your resources in every aspect go to your child(ren) and you even feel guilty for buying something for yourself when you have the extra cash on those rare occasions.
(from Devan’s personal story)

With the dream of setting up her own fashion business lurking in the back of her head for many years, Devan finally did it! She finally took that step towards finding her own voice in the world, making a difference, all while supporting her son and herself financially. (I don’t know her, but I’m kind of proud of her.)

One stop shop for fashion from all over the world!

Devan’s mission wasn’t to sit and sew clothes by hand. Instead- she focused her time and attention in finding lead manufacturers, from all over the world, to create business collaborations with, and stock her home with the latest fashion trends.
She brows through the different available styles with the keen eye of her fashionisto-son, and gets to the most unique items, in affordable prices, and a variety of sizes- cause every women needs to feel beautiful, comfortable & sexy in the clothes she wears- no matter the size.

As she personally stocks her Kentucky based home with these goods, no need for you to wait for long and exhausting shipping times! Found an item you like on Devan’s shop? Great! It will be packaged and shipped to you within 1-3 business days, and reach your post-office/home within 5-7 business days.

What’s next?

Devan and her son are always searching for more unique items to bring to their shop, and more manufacturers to work with. So, the shop you see in front of you now, impressive as it is, will only grow from now on- adding more unique styles and accessories that would fit ANY woman!

To make sure you are connected to Devan’s latest fashion finds, make sure to follow her on Social Media:
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That way- your social feeds will always be filled with the latest fashion trends available worldwide… Including these special Made in the USA face masks that are SUPER trending in these corona-times!

Visit Devan’s Etsy shop MotherFilter,
or official online shop, for more!

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