Irena Orlov’s Original Paintings & Huge Canvas Prints

If you’re looking for a way to make a house feel like a home- the first step is making sure your walls reflect you, your areas of interest, and your artistic side.
If your choice of art revolves around nature and the animal kingdom- you need to visit irenaorlov Etsy shop!

This shop is owned by painter and artist soul Irena Orlov, and in it you’ll be able to find beautiful horses in the wild, elephants blending in an abstract background, women with trees for hair, majestic deers, and so much more!
On top of having animals and nature run wild in Irena’s shop and studio, you’ll also be able to find unique abstract paintings that will keep you looking from different angles.

Some of the artwork in Irena’s shop is made to be sold- giving you the original painting of what you see. However, the really interesting part is Irena’s huge wall art canvas prints- with high resolution images of Irena’s paintings.

These huge wall art canvas prints are great for huge wall blanks, and even- small spaces! They just make every room look much better!

If you liked what you’ve seen here –
go ahead and visit Irena’s Etsy shop Photographs, paintings & huge canvases are waiting for you there!

or follow her on Instagram for that daily beauty snaps

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