Minimalist Wall Art Summer Sale- 15% OFF!

If you like minimalistic wall art, nature and the outdoors- you’re gonna want to meet Lindsay Sanders!
Lindsay is the owner of RidgelineDesignsByL Etsy shop- a small unique Etsy boutique that shares special wall art with people from all over the world! There are so many different types of wall art out there, from having your photo printed on acrylic to the minimalist there is something out there for everyone. I absolutely love artwork of any kind and often find myself purchasing pieces online. However, whenever you buy art online, it is so important that the company or artist you are buying your piece from uses a reliable shipping company such as Arrow Express Fine Art Shipping. Above all, you want peace of mind that your artwork is in safe hands and will make it to you fully intact without any damages.

geometric-graphic-art-eucalyptus-andy-goldsworthy-san-francisco-forest-minimalist-wall-art-modern-nature-free-shipping-3601984 pacific-ocean-print-triangle-print-green-and-blue-contrast-abstract-print-modern-art-geometric-art-nature-photography-minimalist-8469471

With a free shipping offer- your walls have never looked better!
With some “normal” photographs in her shop, Lindsay’s true calling is her combination of nature and minimalism- as she places her amazing nature photographs inside geometrical shapes- leaving the rest of the page blank!

ocean-art-geometric-wall-art-california-print-minimalist-wall-art-modern-art-nature-photography-abstract-photography-free-shipping-4376749 abstract-iceberg-scandinavian-wall-art-minimalist-wall-art-geometric-art-nature-print-abstract-gradient-art-minimalist-pink-blue-4036772 pacific-ocean-print-geometric-graphic-art-circle-green-and-blue-abstract-print-modern-nature-photography-minimalist-free-shipping-7795766

Her unique prints are available in several dimensions, and with either a luster or a matte finish, giving you the option to decorate your walls as you please!

minimalist-triangle-geometric-nature-print-geometric-art-triangle-print-minimalist-modern-nature-photography-free-shipping-2326372 minimalist-forest-print-geometric-design-nature-photography-unframed-nature-wall-art-green-trees-free-shipping-8224624

This artist is incredibly active on social media, and she gives people what they want- a good summer sale!
Looking at her Facebook page or Instagram account, you’ll find her newest designs- and a special summer coupon for 15% off on all of her wall art nature prints!

Sale is simple… Liked a design? Go ahead and purchase it!

When in the secure Etsy checkout section type in coupon code: SUMMERSALE and 15% will simply shed themselves from the asking price!

With minimalistic and nature art- I always recommend getting more than 1 print- in order to create a combo or a collage on your walls! You can get the same photo with 3 different geometric shapes, or get the same shape- but with a different photo inside!

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