Unisex Statement tShirts – Now 15% OFF!

If you’re looking for unique statement tshirts, to wear your thoughts out loud- Etsy is the best place to look! On Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, you’ll find a variety of artists creating the most unique statement tshirts, with all kinds of messages.

Some shops focus on Black Lives Matter shirts, others provide graphic designs nostalgic to the 90’s. Some create female empowerment shirts, others call out to go and vote! But 1 Etsy designer- makes all of these shirts- unisex- for both men and women!

Jessy, a 43 year old mom and educator, has decided to open an Etsy shop, making unisex statement tshirts with everything that matters to her! She decided to open her new Etsy boutique as a way to make more money during the Covid19 worldwide health crisis, and we are glad she took that step! Her little Etsy boutique is named MyLikableStuff!

VOTE tshirts

Promoting voting is an important cause, and a lot of people- while talking about how their governments have failed them- don’t use their right to vote and make a difference!
If you want to make a statement about how important voting is- Jessy’s got you covered!

Statement tshirts for women and men – 15% off sale!

The variety of statements on Jessy’s shirts is large- with statements of healing our country, liking sushi, women empowerment, and more! Starting off the shop with a sale,Jessy is offering a limited time overall-shop sale of 15% on all of the shirts in her shop- ending July 31st!

Here are some of our personal favorite statement shirts for everyone from Jessy’s shop:

Taking your own advice- Jessy’s mantra

I tell my students all the time to think outside of the box and to try even if you fail.
I am glad that I am taking my own advice. My goal for my ETSY shop is to be successful, so I won’t have to worry about a sustainable income.

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