UK Made Clay Earrings & Sterling Silver Jewelry Finds

Every now and then a new fashion and accessories trend emerges, and more than once- I just found it silly, and trending for no reason. However, the current 2020 major jewelry trend- CLAY EARRINGS- is for sure a trend I can relate to!
Designed in shapes and colors of huge African statement earrings, but in size of the more Western earrings, I have to wonder- what took Clay Earrings so long to trend?

Clay Earrings made in the UK

If you’re looking for the most unique clay earrings – you don’t need to leave the house! The biggest online marketplace for handmade goods, Etsy, is home to a hundreds of clay jewelry makers from all over the globe.
Rising rapidly in service, quality, and overall style, is DwliMakes Etsy shop!
DwliMakes is a UK based Etsy shop, made with love for style and a passion for high quality materials, and holds a collection of some of the most unique clay earrings I’ve ever seen online!

Sterling Silver Jewelry Finds from the UK

On top of making top quality clay earrings, DwliMakes Etsy shop has a variety of sterling silver jewelry fonds- including stunning silver bracelets, minimalist sterling silver pendant necklaces, including one of a kind charm bracelets made with a whole lot of love and high attention to details!

Get to know the woman behind DwliMakes

If you look at these designs and think to yourself- there’s a story behind them- you’re 100% right!
Almost 40 years old, one woman, an educator by day, chose to start living out her dream of creating a brand for jewelry with her own unique twist!

This whole thing started with me making jewellery out of pure pleasure. Jewellery for myself, my friends, my family…their friends…their family.
I am an educator, and creating is how I sound off from work. It gives me space to hand make unique pieces for myself and others. I love making pieces for upcoming events as well as throwing together a one-of-a-kind piece to go with an outfit, on the fly. Because handmade is always better, making gifts is one of my favorite go-to’s. The making and doing, using my hands, these are the parts of creating that speak to me.

Taking that step in that stage in life, and realizing that she wants a workshop, a place to make and create jewelry, as well as share them with the world- is something I personally find Magical!
To follow DwliMakes in her journey, and check out her newest creations, as well as occasional sales and coupons, make sure to like DwliMakes on Facebook & follow her on Pinterest. 
Or- if you really want to stay updated with new jewelry finds- just favorite her shop, or any item you see that you like!

Visit DwliMakes Etsy shop today for more!

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