Nightlife Domination- Psychedelic LED Masks for DJs & Parties

There’s more to life than growing up and having a good job – sometimes life should be about fun!
If you’re a RAVING parson, if you are on stage often at big music events, if you love cosplay – or even if you just want to have some fun – these psychedelic masks will light up your life!

american-pride-led-sound-activated-rave-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-edm-costume-cosplay-light-up-sound-reactive-8670082 owl-led-sound-activated-rave-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-club-edm-cyber-costume-cosplay-light-up-sound-reactive-6705325
red-and-white-predator-led-sound-activated-rave-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-edm-light-up-cosplay-sound-reactive-3696057 yellow-spiderman-led-sound-activated-rave-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-light-up-edm-costume-cosplay-sound-reactive-6229810 red-spiderman-led-sound-activated-rave-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-club-edm-light-up-cosplay-sound-reactive-8500732

Nightlife Domination is a company from Texax, USA, and what they do best is accessorizing you for all the raving activities you’ll have! Their products have been sold to cosplay enthusiasts, professional DJs and other performing artists! So, if you are someone that uses a lot of dj equipment, you absolutely need to add some of these stunning nightlife accessories to your collection! Life as a DJ is all about making an impression, and these glowing accessories do just that! If you’re worried about the costs associated with becoming a DJ, check out dj finance to learn about your options. Don’t let money hold you back! And of course, these masks are also on sale for plain old regular people! (That’s where these special LED flower headbands come in handy!)


What I love most about the LED masks that Nightlife Domination are making is the fact that there are so many styles to choose from!
Their voice activation system is awesome, and trust me- once you start watching the videos on their Instagram page- you’re gonna find it difficult to stop!

Their masks are so varied that you’ll have no problem finding the one that’s just for you! Different colors and styles, psychedelic or scary, fun or feminine… They have got them all!

fancy-masquerade-2-led-mardi-gras-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-clubs-edm-light-up-8677759 fancy-masquerade-1-led-mardi-gras-mask-for-dj-edc-ultra-music-festival-concerts-clubs-edm-light-up-1162612

When I first saw their products I thought to myself that inventing something like that was probably my dream as a kid who loved her guitar… And when I went to read what the owners of this business wrote about themselves- I just felt close to them !

Nightlife Domination was created as a fundraiser for kids that are inspired by music, but that do not have the funds, resources or support needed to follow their dreams.


There are so many other styles in Nightlife Domination’s Etsy store– LED masks for the upper section of your face, rave face bandanas and even special trans-style LED dog collars!

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pink-led-dog-collar-makes-your-dog-visible-safe-seen-7765453 pink-led-dog-collar-makes-your-dog-visible-safe-seen-1-1-6416856

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making sure you’ll always have raving LED lights on your screens!

Go and rave like there’s no tomorrow!

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