Psychedelic Fun Design by a Woman of Travels

This era that we live in is truly amazing… Some people say it’s the era of freedom, and when you look at people like Jillian Amatt – you realize how true that might be.

When I hit the road about 18 months ago and started my travels so many people didn’t believe that it was possible. But- my job was (and is) fully online, and I could work from wherever I have wifi.
Using talents and skills like SEO, Graphic design, programming and marketing- a lot of people can make a living while traveling. For example, this Stoke on Trent SEO agency would be able to take orders from all over the globe and still be able to be based in Stoke on Trent, or instead, take orders locally and still be able to travel about the country.

Jillian Amatt, currently in Costa Rica, is a Canadian graphic designer that took her art to a new level and made a business! After partnering up with Printful and Society6, she was able to create a line of products to sell while traveling. When you think about it- it’s brilliant!

Jillian designs these amazing graphic images and her partnering companies make sure to print her designs on the highest quality everyday items and accessories available in the USA.

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