Whimsical & Creative Designs- For Your Wedding Or Your Home

If you’re looking for something to make you feel more at home, to make a wedding feel more personal, to change the way a room looks or how a person feels about something- that could be done by the right print.

Now, there are so many print/design/wall-art sellers on Etsy, that if you try to look for something, even the most specific of ideas- you could find dozens of sellers with stores selling just that. So- how can we choose?

Few days back I ran into a store called: CatherineCreatesEtsy, and I think it’s a viable candidate to have EVERYTHING you’ll need to be printed either for your wedding day- or for your home. The seller, Catherine Dartnell, is living in Perth, Australia, and I have to say- I like her style!

There’s something about sellers who do graphic design that are not American that makes it feel more special and unique, sharing the purpose behind the Etsy community- which is to be able to share art and crafts from every single corner of the earth.

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