Super Stylish Handmade Kids’ Belts

Over 1400 parents already have purchased some of the coolest belts for their kids, from one of the top successful kids boutiques on Etsy- babybottomsup.

Owned by a woman from Miami, this store was born, like many others, from a simple need. When her baby was 5 months old- she couldn’t find pants to fit him, so she needed a belt. She took a piece of trimming and located a small buckle. That was the first baby belt she had made.
After hearing from her friends and family (about her belts) that “They are cool even if you don’t need a belt”- she opened her store- making so many other parents just as happy as she was looking as her stylish kid!

So… What do we have here??
Special bow elastic belts for girls:

Beautiful customized baby boy and girl belts- with their initial on it:

And so much more!
(Click here to see the full baby belt collection from this Etsy seller).

With 5 star reviews from almost 300 people- some of these buyers shared sweet photos of their kids wearing her belt designs… Are you ready to MELT?

So, if you’re looking for the BEST outfit accessory for your kid, or looking to spoil that nephew or niece this Christmas-

go to babybottomsup Etsy store

and let the shopping begin!

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