Coastal Beach Wall Art prints by Heather Skau

Locked inside the house all day, with most of the world experiencing a snowy and cold winter, we can only dream about going to the beach! That feeling of the sun on your face, with your friends all together on a sandy beach, with palm trees, and waves crashing in the background, is something we all miss dearly.
But if you can’t go to the beach- why not bring the beach to you with a unique photography beach wall art print?


Etsy Wall Art – Beach Prints

If you’ve been following my blog, I’m sure you’re not new to ETSY- the largest online marketplace for handmade goods & independent designers. Etsy wall art is one of their growing niches, with photographers from all over the world offering unique photography prints in so many sizes! Among them I’ve found Heather Skau, the owner of CatchAStarFineArt Etsy shop! In her shop you’ll find a variety of Etsy wall art designs, photographs, to enrich your home with and gift to friends & family in these crazy times!

But it’s not the shop that got me hooked… It’s the 2 sections of the shop containing the most unique beach wall art photography prints I’ve seen on Etsy!

On Heather’s shop you’ll find amazing beach wall art prints in a variety of sizes, as well as in affordable prices. Start as low as $5 you could get your own mini-desk print of a beach photo, or go as high as 30″x40″ beach wall art prints to truly take over your wall and give your room that warmth and joy of the beach!

Heather’s beach wall art prints can be purchased not only in a variety of sizes- but also as different types of prints!
From canvas wrapped, to black-framed, it would be so simple to find your next beach wall decor piece on CatchAStarFineArt Etsy shop!

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