3 Guys Answer 10 Questions About Dating

first date

David: Me.
Avi: I usually pay up. Feminism has not kicked in when it comes to perks for being a chick and its simpler that way… Paying is my way to show I like you and want to see you again.
Eyal: On the first date the men have to pay, it would be nice if the woman would act like she wants to pay, but I will not allow her.

7. What will you wear to a first date?

David: Depends where we’re going. I guess something casual, Jeans and a polo t-shirt.
Avi: I’ll put on a buttoned shirt, jeans and shoes… My default is t-shirt, shorts and flipflops. Oh, and perfume.
Eyal: for the first date I will try to make a good impression on the woman, so I will wear a nice jeans that will fit my body, not sloppy or junky. I will arrange my beard, and put a good looking watch as an accessory.

8. If you have sex on the first date-
would that make you lose interest in the girl?

David: Depends on how good the sex is.
Avi: Usually f*cking on first date means you see me as a good scr*w but you don’t think I’m “bring home to meet the parents type”. If I get that vibe I guess its a nice “consolation prize” and I will try to be the best in bed as I can and maybe this could be a Friendship-plus kind of a deal… My way of dealing with rejection I guess.
Eyal: Sex has nothing to do with the interest I have for the girl. For me it’s just a way to know if we have good connection or not.

9. What is your number 1 turn off on a first date?

David: Bad attitude.
Avi: Good question… Didn’t come up yet. I guess a girl who will be too serious and have no sense of humour. I never came across it because I can find that out in the preliminary stages.
Eyal: Lack of confidence.

10. How important to you is the distance between where you live and where the girl lives?

David: The closer the better.
Avi: it’s a factor, but it also depends on how much I like her.
Eyal: For a relationship goal, the distance is important, good relationship can not work from a huge distance, lucky for me Israel is small.

first date
first date

Anything else you want to add?

David: (Well, David is the silent guy here…)
Avi: I want a doughnut now.
Eyal: For 25 years I haven’t found yet the woman I will want to live with, I’m an interesting person, I saw a lot in my life and the only thing I really want is to wake up with a smile from my love, and to go to sleep while she is next to me.

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