Mini Hanging Cat Linen Storage Bag by Tia & Tod


Meet Tia and Tod!
As the owners of LovelyLittleLinens Etsy shop, Tia and Tod are starting a new business together and making it all about unique handmade linen products that will make every home happier and more comfortable! As their store just opened they have updated one product to this point, and for those of you who know them- there’s no surprise what that product was!

As the amazing cat lovers that they are, Tia and Tod have already rescued 8 cats and passed them on Cleveland Animal Protective League in order for them to get a home!

mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-black-and-red-8457787 mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-all-2243260

Their new shop features that one product that speaks of their love for cats- a mini linen bag with a cute cat face on it! Great choice for a first product!

mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-red-1435034 mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-blue-7197780
mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-black-6090998 mini-hanging-cat-linen-storage-bag-black-dots-2790871

You’d be happy to hear that Tia and Tod have decided to donate 10% of their earnings to Cleveland Animal Protective League in order to help rescue even more cats!

Visit LovelyLittleLinens and follow this store to see the new products that will soon be available!


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