Yoga Wear & Bohemian Style Clothes from Paris

One of the reasons I love Etsy so much is because you can easily get unique and special items from different places in the world… Infusing your everyday lives with a hint of bohemian trend, that unique “woman of the world” look.

A great example for that is offrandes Etsy shop. Owned by Fabrice & Cassandra, this shop is one of the leading places to get unique yoga wear and bohemian style outfits- from Paris! Not only is this shop extremely stylish, but it’s also an advocate for saving the environment- using only eco-friendly clothes & certified organic cotton. The Parisian fashion is truly at it’s best in this shop, and the options are amazing!!

From summer dresses to yoga leggings, from shorts to tops, and with the most intense style- that no one could miss!

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