7 Fashion Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

7 Fashion Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

We, as women, all have a different taste. If men think that “all women are the same” they are dead wrong. However, we do have some stuff in common, those basic things that every woman needs in life, and in her wardrobe! So, after writing for The Women Team for about a year now and reading all of your comments and feedbacks, here are the 7 fashion items that every woman needs in her closet! Ready to start? see something you like? Click on the image for more details like shipping, sizes and prices.

1 – A Bohemian long sleeved shirt

This item is simply mandatory if you want to make sure you create an impression in a casual event. This bohemian piece is a combination of India and tech, making sure you look updated, yet connected to your creative and chill side.

2 – Shoulders Out shirt

A long sleeve t-shirt might be the most boring thing to wear at times. But what can you do? Wear summer clothes all year around?
For that specific reason you have to have a long sleeved shirt with a shoulder gap in your closet. This specific item also comes in other colours (like black or white), but I’m a fan of this unique dark blue-green.

3 – Something that screams WOW

There’s no denying you in this amazing stylish pink top! With the front of a t-shirt and the back of a midi dress, this sexy pink top goes best with casual jeans and sneakers, but can be upgrades to a nightlife preference with some high stilettos.

4 – Casual, warm and feels like family

Being sexy is important, but guys are not just looking for women to “mingle” with. If you want to make sure this guy looks at you as more than just a one night fling- take this shirt with you. It’s simple, flattering, looks comfy- and sends out this homy vibe. Plus- it’s really cool with the sparkling silver stripe!

5 – The top to top them all

Ready to go workout? Yes you are!
With this shirt we guarantee dozens of eyes looking at you while you workout. It’s built is perfect for a cardio workout, helps your skin breathe during your effort, while maintaining that sexy look. Available also in black, but white is def my fav!

6 – LBD is a MUST!

The LBD (or: Little Black Dress) is a mandatory item in any woman’s closet. I have found this PERFECT little black dress that is super comfy and even has pockets! This dress is something you’d wear when you want to place the emphasis on something else, like a shiny bracelet, amazing shoes, or a stylish bag.

7 – For those COLD buy STYLISH days

If you do have to get out with a jacket- make sure it’s this perfect stylish trench coat with fringes on the sides… It would give you this Indian and authentic look that no man can walk pass and not notice!

7 Fashion Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet
7 Fashion Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

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