Find The Perfect Dog-Parent Tshirt- By Your Dog’s Breed!

There are a lot of sweet apparel items out there for dog-moms and dog-dads. From items that keep their love of their Havapoo with them, to items that could help remember a lost friend, there are so many things out there for dog lovers. And not just apparel! You’ll find super cute designs, fitting for dog owners, on top of pillow cases, tea mugs, curtains, and more. Recently, a lot of people have been purchasing a Painted Art Portrait Fleece Blanket with their dog on. This is a lovely way to keep your best friend with you throughout those colder months. Dog parents should love a blanket with their pet’s face on, that way you can have your dog with you at all times.

However, in those great amazing dog-designs- there isn’t any specific reference to your actual dog unless it’s been personalized.


One man, by the name of Tony Jay, decided to change that- and help people find the perfect dog tshirt that matches their dog’s breed! Along with his wife, the two are selling awesome dog creed tshirts on Etsy, at a store called: Rep My Breed Tees.

The store works on a clean line of design, showing the different features each dog breed has- with a beautiful cartoon and stating the one fact we can all agree on- that your dog is your BEST FRIEND!

So… If your dog is your best friend-
go ahead to RepMyBreedTees Etsy shop-
and find the right tshirt to wear when walking your dog!

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