Crochet Sweetness From Minnesota

After making almost 250 people happy with her crochet work, Shay Jackson caught my eye!
Owner of ShaysCrochetCreation on Etsy, Shay makes the most amazing crochet designs- that look almost too good to have been made by man (or woman:)).

Her work appears to be flawless and filled with a lot of soul, as she treads lightly through the color schemes of each and every one of her crochet items.
In Shay’s little crochet corner you’ll be able to find “normal” crochet items like winter crochet hats and crochet blankets, alongside crochet items you might not see every day- like crochet heart shaped pillows and seriously impressive crochet tote bags.

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Shay is always updating new designs and crochet ideas in her special channels, Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter– and if you like her crochet-style you should definitely follow her!

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