Trending Among Women – The Self Defense Cat Keychain

Here are 3 words/phrases I never thought I’d be using in the same sentence- Self defense, Keychain, and cat! However, trending online are these unique cat shaped keychains for self defense! These special keychains are shaped as a cat’s head, with the cat’s ears being super sharp, and the cat’s eyes are holes- for you to place your fingers in- and use if you’re being attacked! These cats keychains for self defense are made using epoxy resin, a smooth liquid that hardens to plastic/glass like texture, smooth and tough- enough to defend yourself!

Following the trend, I wanted to find places where you could get these self defense keychains, that will not only be useful, but will actually be… CUTE! Cute little additions to your keys!

RosesRefurbished Cat Keychains for self defense

The first place I found online that has these super adorable knife-like keychains, was RosesRefurbished Etsy shop! Owned by Amber, RosesRefurbished Etsy shop is a little boutique for glitter resin creations!

Amber offers these cat shaped self defense keychains in a variety of colors, and makes it super clear to use them:

Cat Self Defense Keychains on CarliesCraftByCarlie

Another Etsy shop that deals with handmade resin creations is offering cat keychains for self defense. That shop’s name is CarliesCraftByCarlie, owned by (surprisingly) Charlie!
This time, these cat keychains for self defense have a different coloring style, more clear and boho style, with a soothing watercolor-like vibe!

Last but not Least – LittleJewelCompany

With their cat keychain for self defense appearing in vivid pink in this post’s featured image- LittleJewelCompany Etsy shop is another great place to find self defense keychains, cat shaped, and others! Owned by Kellie, this unique Etsy resin boutique has over 900 sales, after opening earlier this year, and by looking at the unique colors Kellie is using- it’s easy to see why!

Vivis glittering cat keychains that would be adorable regardless of their usefulness!

DIY your own Cat head self defense keychain:

If you have resin at home, and want to make your own keychain cat head for self defense- check out Aliminhao Official Store on AliExpress for a special self defense keychain cat resin mold– that you can use and make as many cat heads as you desire!

So, which kind of woman are you? Will you get a stylish self defense keychain,

Or will you make one for yourself?

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