Are You Ready to Give the Perfect Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massages have been around for centuries, using special stones, that spread heat, and placing them on different chakras- while massaging the body. This unique massaging technique has solved the biggest problem a licenced massage therapist has – how do I fully relax the muscles with an intense massage- while keeping the client calm? If you really want to work on muscles, especially around our spinal vertebrae, you need to go deep. While some clients enjoy that “pain”, for other people this might be healthy & necessary- but uncomfortable.

When you combine centered heat, using hot massage stones, you can place them around the problematic areas- while giving the rest of the body a calming and relaxing massage!

Himalayan Salt Stones for Hot Stone Massage

The most unique hot massage stones are Himalayan salt stones, as they are as beautiful as they are filled with healthy minerals. But they are NOT easy to come by. Good quality massage stones can be found in special boutique shops in the US, in high prices, and a medium quality, caused by mass-manufacturing of the stones. However, one very devoted massage therapist, has contracted a special Himalayan Salt Stones maker from Pakistan, and has been importing these handmade hot stones for massage to the US for the past 15 years. Once she receives her salt hot stones from her massage stone artisan, she sands, seals, and seasons each stone with liquid wax- so each stone is silky smooth to the touch.

Her name is Lorenne, and she’s the owner of Signature Session- an Etsy shop and a business that is all about helping you give the best possible massage- to the people you love, or to your clients.

Professional Spa & Massage Tools

On top of offering high quality Himalayan Salt Stones and salt stone bowls in her shop Signature Session, Lorenne also offers a variety of products that will assist you in treating your clients, as well as stocking your stock or therapy room with the best possible tools & accessories.
Unique massage therapy accessories like a massage table cover that is also waterproof, weighted blankets, half-moon massage pillows, face cradles, and many other items that will distinguish you from other licenced massage therapists, and result in more returning clients.

The people behind Signature Session

They say that in order to run a successful business you need 2 people- 1 that is passionate about the topic of the business, and knows the ins and out of that niche, and 2nd – a business person that is devoted to the management of the business and the customer service levels. Maybe that’s why Signature Session is so successful… it has both!
With Lorenne McCormick, who’s had her own private practice after graduating Potomac Massage Training Institute in 1992 & Mary Beth Dye, who holds a degree in Business from Vanderbilt University, and 15+ years in management positions, before opening this joint business journey with Lorenne.

I strive to offer massage in a safe and nurturing environment – with skills and experience to provide a session that my clients will want to come back and experience again!
I call it my signature Session – incorporating heat with salt stones and essential oils. The combination lends itself to be very relaxing and stress and pain reducing. (Lorenne)

Find out MORE

To learn more about Beth & Lorenne as well as what drove them to open this business- feel free to visit the official Signature Session website! There you’ll also find unique massaging oils and essential oils to enrich your sessions. On their official website you could also find their blog, with important and relevant articles about a massage therapist’s life in these crazy times!

Visit Signature Session Etsy shop for more unique massaging accessories and of course- the BEST

Himalayan Salt Stones & Bowls

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