The Guys Made Plush Toy Cars- And They Are Awesome!!


Sebastian and his mate are just two dudes who love cars… And plush toys!
From that combo- AutoPlush Etsy shop was born- with unique and special handmade plush toy cars!

The two have let their imagination run wild with special car models as plush toys, in various colors, and in their plush-toy shop you’ll find plush cars from models like Miata, Twingo, and even Fiat!

As the shop is still in it’s first gear, there’s so much more to come from the creative mind of Sebastian and his accomplice!

These special plush toy cars are the perfect gift for a baby boy, baby boy baby shower, or as a Valentine’s day gift for the man in your life!

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new designs and potential sales!

Visit AutoPlush Etsy shop for more!

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