Printed Cushion Covers, Mugs & Prints- in the Spirit of Christmas!

one of the best gift ideas to give a loved one for Christmas is… Xmas.
Well, it sounds weird, but it’s not all that weird as you may think. During this happiest time of the year, there are so many items we purchase that are “branded” by Christmas. Clothes in certain colors, decorative items that have a tree or a snow man on them, and don’t mention all of the Santa gifts that have been going around!

In the spirit of the holidays we must all also remember the “little people”. Yup, buying from real people and supporting small family businesses- would truly be shopping in the holiday’s spirit!

Looking for a unique Christmas “branded” gift?
Don’t worry- Racheal Miles has got you covered!

Racheal Miles is from Stevenage, England, and she sells the most unique throw pillow covers, mugs and totes you’ll ever see… They are the best for 2 reasons- 1. They were designed with a whole lot of love, 2. They are all made for Christmas!

Well, to be perfectly honest, Rachel sells more than just Christmas decoration treats… You’ll also find other amusing and playful design in her Etsy store, HotPressPrints, that will make you feel right at home!

This Etsy seller has taken things seriously and is also sharing her work on Pinterest and Twitter, and is shipping all of her work worldwide! Christmas shopping anyone?

Rachel hasn’t always focused on printing, and she has a life filled with crafts and art! This is what she had to say about this store, and about selling her art in general:

My first Etsy store stocked all of my creations, which included hand sewn, knitted, crocheted and printed items but I soon found that my heart was in digital design and printing.

I later discovered heat printing and was instantly hooked, purchasing a mug press and flat bed press there was no stopping me. I now specialize in the creative process of printing and digital art and we are now back in the UK and working on building my business.

See more interesting and unique Christmas gift items
in Rachel’s store!

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