The Makeup Printer

The Makeup Printer

“The makeup industry makes a whole lot of money on a whole lot of Bullshit”! Know the meet Makeup Printer.

These words are not my own, and although I tend to agree I have to give the credit to Grace Choi. Her unbelievable speech at the TechCrunch disrupt 2014 made me think how our cosmetic life are about to change… Soon will be the day when we can all create our own makeup.

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Now, I am not talking about taking an eyeshadow, crushing it, mixing it with nail polish and creating a new colour nail polish… I am talking about- creating the eyeshadow !

The cosmetic companies, in Choi’s words, are making all this money by charging us for something we can get for free from today’s Technology- Colour. Oh, and if you were wondering how much money is that… The answer is 55 Billion Dollars ! So grace invented MINK. The first desk-printer that can transform any image to a wearable makeup !

With the ability to currently print eyeshadows – MINK the makeup printer will soon be able to print- lipsticks, blushes, foundations and well- everything you can use for your skin.

“Guys, lets cut a deal- your business is dying”

While Choi created the makeup printer prototype, or MINK, she is not planing on building her empire alone. In a room full of people,  when it was “Money time” at the TechCrunch NY 2014, she printed a pink eyeshadow, but her next step is not to print it all… She is reaching out to printer manufacturers longing for a natural partnership. In her words it shouldn’t take much… She could just say : “Guys, lets cut a deal- your business is dying”.

The price will eventually go around $300 per printer, and the units of eyeshadow, blush and such will be petit, especially according to what the retailers charge.

Want to hear Choi talk about her project? Click here !

The Perfect Colour

So many times I have searched for the perfect colour for my face, when it comes to foundation, and when I was matching eye shadow to an outfit- I came with a similar problem… Comparing the whole makeup industry to “Food Colouring”, Choi is just looking to help us out girls… So imagine being able to make your own gorgeous, high-quality makeup at home, using the colours you love and choose… Wouldn’t that be great ?

This huge break through in the makeup industry will create many small businesses, according to a panellist on the TechCrunch NY 2014. Choi is targeting 13-22 year old women / girls who, to the panel’s belief, will evidently – give them a means to a business. Cause now that they own this $300 printer they could either give their friends to enjoy it for free, or start printing makeup and selling it for let say $10 at school or collage.


The Size Matters

While Choi is using the full size prototype MINK, she plans on making it a lot smaller.
From a desk printer to the size of a Mini Mac- that is her aspiration. Using a cosmetic-grade dye that’s FDA-compliant and a powder base- this printer will definatly cause trouble for the makeup industry.

“Choi’s product would let users find a colour online, use a tool to find that hue’s hexadecimal number, and then print it. Every colour has a unique hex number so you could literally print out any colour. ” (Origin)

Drama, Drama, Drama

Could this whole discovery started from feeling left out ? Alienated ? Choi was searching the shelves for makeup that would match her Asian nature… When she couldn’t find any she felt alienation.  That feelings later on developed to a desire for more exotic colours, and when she couldn’t find them- she thought she was the problem.

“If they didn’t have a green- or black-colored lipstick that made me think that there was something weird about the way I was thinking,” Choi said. That thinking damaged her self-esteem, and she says that she stopped speaking up in class because she started believing that all her ideas were strange.

The Makeup Printer
The Makeup Printer

MINK will inspire young women to be their own row-models and create their own trends,
and hopefully no one will tell them that they are too extreme.

“I’m really grateful. I’m really overwhelmed. I’m really excited about all of this,” Choi says. After a pause, “I’m speechless.”

And so are we.


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