Meet ARTHASTYLE – a Place for the Stylish Bohemian Woman!

My Etsy radar has locked on to a new target as I have found a cute little Etsy shop today- that I think could be a huge success down the road. Owned by Ray HD, the Etsy shop is called ARTHASTYLE and you could find some interesting bohemian accessories there.

light-teal-pom-pom-straw-clutch-faceted-jade-blue-natural-gemstones-woven-straw-purse-hand-bag-8556955 black-pom-pom-straw-clutch-red-tassle-colourful-acrylic-beads-straw-purse-4963818
navy-blue-and-white-pom-pom-straw-clutch-embellished-with-marble-acrylic-gemswicker-pursewovenboho-style-5827506 navy-blue-and-white-pom-pom-straw-clutch-embellished-with-marble-acrylic-gemswicker-pursewovenboho-style-1-1-8260251

After joining Etsy only a month ago, the owner uploaded some interesting listings for women who are into bohemian style. You could find there beautiful earrings for the bohemian girl, as well as unique clutches and bohemian leather wallets that will totally make your outfit!

vintage-bohemian-handmade-cotton-tassel-earrings-for-women-ethnic-fringe-drop-earrings-9301849 vintage-bohemian-handmade-cotton-tassel-earrings-for-women-ethnic-fringe-drop-earrings-1-2-5557509

As this store is only starting now- I would advise you to keep track of the store owner as this store has more interesting items ahead! Follow this store today to see more of it every time the seller adds something new, bohemian and exciting!

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