11 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs In Her Jewelry Box

11 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs In Her Jewelry Box

Guys are a passing thing… Jewelry is forever! Introduce these 11 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs In Her Jewelry Box
If you have that one special jewellery box where you keep all of your lovely possessions, here are 11 Jewelry Pieces that should make the cut and enter the box- at any cost- every woman needs at least one of these 11 Jewelry Pieces:

1 – A charm bracelet

A charm bracelet is simply a must. This particular one is combining my two greatest passions- pink and silver, would fit perfectly with a black or white get up- and would simply look feminine and cute.

2 – Bee Pendant

Recently surfaced a new trend- the BEE! Every few years a new animal shows up and takes the lead in fashion, and 2017 is going to be all about the BEE. This special necklace has a 2 coloured pendant – silver and orange, and it fits every possible get up… We recommend- wear it with a green T, you’re gonna love the attention!

3 – The CUBE necklace

Cubes are simple. stylish and simply easy going. This necklace, with it’s 3 cubes design, is one of the classiest necklaces you could find online and offline. And it fits everything!

4 – The Twisted Ring

The twisted ring is a classic, It’s one of these items that would simply fit every type of woman… The simple and the brave, and young and the older- this ring is a symbol of a promise, that you made for yourself- to stay stylish and always look your best!

5 – The PAW

The paw of a cat is one of the best necklace and jewelry trend in the past few years, and not just cause I love cats… It’s so easy to “play” with and create different styles and colours. This special PAW pendant flickers in purple, making it gentle and very feminine.

6 – For those big event…

When you need to shine like a pearl- you got this perfect silver and pearl necklace to wear around your neck. It’s the perfect necklace for a bride, and will be amazing for a birthday present to any loved friend!

7 – Deck the halls…

With lots of necklaces!
This special XMAS vibe deer necklace is a celebration of the most beautiful time of the year- Christmas! Wear this around you for those wintery days out and about, or those wintery hot dates and evenings around the fireplace.

8 – The CAT and the MOON

If you think that dogs have an obsession with the moon- they’re not the only ones. Cats were known to have a dialect with the big white ball in the sky for many years, and this necklace celebrates that endless connection. Plus- it’s like srsly cute!

9 – The ONE ring

One of the only items that could totally change the way you look and feel is this simple but stunning pearl ring. I honestly don’t have a lot to say about it, other than the fact I cannot stop looking at it!

10 – Hang in there…

With this beautiful bohemian chic necklace. This necklace sends out the teen vibe, young, stylish, don’t have a care in the world. It would fit with almost any simple one colored tshirt, and would be a great thing to wear on a daily basis!

11 – Last but not least…

The open bracelet.
Fits you all the time, hangs loose and stylish, smooth, simple, can be combined with other bracelets with no problem- and simply looks good, on anyone!

11 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs In Her Jewelry Box
11 Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Needs In Her Jewelry Box

So, which will it be?

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