Unique Print Art & Confetti USA Based Etsy shop

Unique Print Art & Confetti USA Based Etsy shop

One of the things I love most about Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods, is that you would often be able to find different items in the same shops. As these shops are set up by real people, you might see a shop that has 2 focus products, 3, 4, or even 5. Introduce you unique print art & confetti USA based Etsy shop.

One of these diverse shops is FlyMeToTheMoon57, a shop that takes paper crafts to a whole new level.


On one hand, FlyMeToTheMoon57’s owner, Felicia, has a unique eye for print art, combining digital art with pre-existing text, creating mix-media wall art prints that will look great on your walls, or on your desk. On the other hand, Felicia’s shop is also a great place to find party supply, like confetti!

Her confetti creations are so much better than anything you’ll find on Walmart, as they are made in so many shapes, sizes and colors… Perfect for parties, crafting sessions, scrapbooking and art teaching.

Unique wall art prints

The first thing that caught my eye in Felicia’s Etsy shop was this unique wall art print of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy!


If you check the rest of the wall art prints in Felicia’s Etsy shop you’ll see that this style carries on with different movie characters and famous TV shows, alongside beautiful love texts, funny or quotes:

Confetti madness!

Felicia’s confetti section is huge and has so many beautiful confetti pieces! You could find “simple” confetti pieces, several colors and simple shapes (like animals or geometric shapes), but also more complex and themed confetti pieces, like Harry Potter confetti, bachelorette party glitter confetti, comic cartoon print confetti, and more!

If you like what you see here go ahead and Favorite FlyMeToTheMoon57 Etsy shop, that’s the best way to make sure you’ll see all new listings uploaded by Felicia!

You could also go and follow Felicia’s Pinterest page-pinning the items you like in your party planning and house decor boards!

Unique Print Art & Confetti USA Based Etsy shop
Unique Print Art & Confetti USA Based Etsy shop

Visit FlyMeToTheMoon57 Etsy shop today for more!


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