Micro Compost Educational Kits with Live European Nightcrawler Earthworms

One of the joys of life is teaching your children something new. You could be teaching them numbers, colors, shapes and words, however- the best education will always be about life!

CompostPets is an Etsy shop meant to help educate your kids about life in it’s most basic form, using European Nightcrawler Earthworms. These earthwarms are there, in a “natural” habitat, allowing your kids to learn and educate themselves on how nature works.

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The Compost Pets Micro Kit is the perfect gift for animal lovers and curious kids of all ages. You will be entertained by these amazing animals for a long time, learning about science and biology along the way. Wow friends at school in science/S.T.E.M. projects or simply enjoy them as pets at home. The worms are resilient and easy to care for. Kids will learn and practice responsibility by caring for their pet worms. The convenient bin is less than 2 inches in height. It is small enough to fit almost anywhere.
(from CompostPets’ description of their micro compost educational kit)


This type of gift is perfect for home-use and even for classrooms and kindergartens.

To learn more about this unique educational kit –
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