Let’s Have Fun With Planner Stickers

Planner Stickers

Hey ladies, special post today to help you get some COOL vibe to your everyday journal! I have found this cool Etsy store that can help you make a beautiful planner stickers… Using amazing clear stickers to make easy notes and remind you of things you need to be doing! These stickers can be placed on a planner, an A4 printed weekly schedule, and even greeting cards!

The store is called Emely’s Planner Shop and it’s owned by one Emely from Switzerland. You can get these stickers no matter where you are, as the store ships worldwide, and make something special out of your journal notebook. This is the PERFECT gift for teens or for a woman who’s young in spirit, and it could easily mark occasions like parties, exorcize routine, vet checks and more! Here are my favourite event stickers:

It’s bike time!

You need to wash your car Mis!

Girls night out!

Time to cut your hair!

Take your pup to the vet day!

Time to go jogging / Time to hit the gym!

Best day of the week!

It’s raining / The sun is up !

Planner Stickers
Planner Stickers

And these are just a few of more than 750 different items in Emely’s Etsy store! You can see more from her store in this LINK. With more than 1,200 sales, and over 350 positive reviews- you are going to like this one!

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