Make A Statement !

Make A Statement

Statement outfits are a big trend that cannot be avoided. You could find statement shirts, pants, smartphone covers, and even statement bags. The whole point behind them is to tell the world what you are all about, without having to speak. So, I went online to find you some of the coolest items you can put on- and make a statement with!

A bag with a purpose

You can find a variety of bags online that will say something, give you motivation or quote some smart phrase…. Like this statement bag from Ali Express saying: If you don’t go after what you want, you will never have it. Click on the images if you want to see more details about this bag:

Why did they write that?

Some statement t-shirts really make me wonder… What was their creator thinking when making them? This is the exact way I feel about this t-shirt saying, you wouldn’t believe it, Keep calm- and love pigs. (WHAT?!)

If you believe you are “killin’ it” you should be wearing this:

An amazing Etsy store called Red Decals is selling the most amazing and fierce statement t-shirts, for men and women all over the world. These handmade prints were made with the thoughts or originality and style, and would make a beautiful addition to any closet! Coming to you all the way from Florida, this Etsy store is a smashing hit with over 1800 sales!

Make A Statement
Make A Statement

The perfect T for your MAN!

If you are looking to make a statement about you, maybe you should let your man wear this t-shirt:

Well, that’s all we have for today… Will be back with more interesting items next week!

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