The Coffee Craze

The Coffee Craze

via GIPHY. It seems like there is no escaping coffee these days. Everyone is sharing posts of them having coffee, wanting coffee, uploading pictures to Instagram of the perfect cup they are drinking right now… So I decided to go online and find you the coolest coffee craze related items I can… So I hope you had your morning coffee, cause this is about to be a ride!

Amazing Coffee Craze Mugs On Ali Express

Ali Express is one of my personal favourite platforms for online shopping. From fashion to gadgets, from house decor items to cosmetics, everything is on Ali Express, and with a cheap price too! Just take a look at some of the unique cool coffee mugs I found (Simply click on the image to get to the product’s page):


The Coffee Craze
The Coffee Craze

My personal favourites are the camera lends mug and the self stirring coffee mug, what’s yours?

But these coffee cups are just the beginning… The craze for COFFEE goes as deep as Etsy, with unique online items talking about coffee and how important it is… One Etsy seller, called Amy Morley, owns a store called HMHeroes. In her cool shop I found this item:

Now, for people who don’t drink coffee on a regular basis- this sign might seem weird… But for someone like me who drinks 7 cups a day- this is perfectly normal!!! (And awesome!). This handmade item is only one of the cool prints Amy has in her store. If you wish to see more- click here.

Coffee Pillows

One of the more interesting items I saw online were the coffee pillows!! And this item I can’t explain, I will just have to show you what my little eye dug up:


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