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Passion For Leather

You are at:Home»Go Shopping»Do You Have Passion For Leather ? Ohhhh… The smell of a brand new handmade leather bag- one of my ultimate favorites!

Are you there with me?

If you got a passion for leather goods, especially leather bags that are handmade- you’re in the right place! Leather bags are simply… Everything!
They are strong, maintain their shape for many years, could fit probably any occasion- and they’re like a good man- you only need one of them to feel good about yourself!

Handmade leather bags

The main different between mass-produced leather bags and handmade leather bags- is the quality. Even if a factory will purchase the best type of leather as the material to make the bags out of- there’s just something about hand-making each bag that makes them so unique and raises their quality.

There’s no manufacturing line, there are no huge machines, there’s just a woman and her crafty hands.

Sophie Constanti is a name to know if you like quality handmade leather bags. Sophie is from Australia and she has a head for design. She chose to bring these ideas of her’s to a few Balinese craftsmen and women and together- they are making amazing handmade leather bags- from the best quality you could find.

Her handmade leather bag collection is a combination of the inspiration she drives from the life in Sydney, to the passion of the hardworking and creative people who live in Bali.

I think that this sort of business model was always so intriguing for me… As many people use factories and hard working hands in countries like China, Thailand and Bali– and sell their items in bulks… Sophie chose to stay in the small handmade niche and to be able to provide a fair wage to the hardworking people she hired from Bali to make her leather bag designs come to life.

Leather bags on Etsy

Etsy is the perfect platform for a woman like Sophie.
It’s a community, and that’s the vibe I get from entering Sophie’s Etsy store- sayaleather.
In her store you’ll be able to find some interesting color combos, black leather bags with black and white print combos, and also leather backpacks for men!

Sophie talks about her connection to leather, Bali and Etsy:

My name is Sophie, I am the owner and designer of Saya Leather. During the past twenty years I have travelled back and forth between Australia and Bali, Indonesia many times. While in Bali I was inspired by the amazing craftsmanship and dedication to quality of the local leather artisans. I made some solid lifelong friendships in Bali that formed the basis of Saya Leather and allowed me to fulfill my dream of designing and making beautiful handmade leather bags and accessories.

Operating a beautiful Facebook page- Sophie always shares her new designs and promotions there- and you don’t want to miss out on her offers!

Etsy is truly a place where dreams come true. Want to be a part of Sophie’s dream?

Enter her Etsy store for more amazing handmade leather bags!

Passion For Leather
Passion For Leather

Don’t miss out on Sophie’s FREE SHIPPING offer!

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