Are You A DIY Freak? You Need This Store!

Are You A DIY Freak?

You are at:Home»Trend»Are You A DIY Freak? You Need This Store! DIY projects are always fun to do, and it doesn’t even matter if you have a specific reason for doing them, like Halloween or if your kids are starting school soon, or if you’re juts having fun paying around with crafts.

One of the biggest rising trends in DIY is the whole CUTTING thing. The art of cutting paper has taken a huge leap in the past few years with the rising of professional cutting machines that can cut a paper in such a customizable way- giving you hours and hours of fun- given you have the right source files for the cut.

As many of my friends starting getting these cutters and weird printers (that’s how I call them), I decided to check online if there’s someone gifted enough to be able to provide them with trusted source files for their cutting madness! And I found one!

It’s almost too poetic to say, but, Emily Johnson was specifically “touched” by one of her teachers in school- telling her that she would never be a good graphic designer.

Few years, 1 store (scribble moma), and 9000+ sales later- I think it’s safe to say that she is quite good! Emily Johnson creates beautiful downloadable files (an option on Etsy in which once you order the product you have an instant download option and you don’t need to wait for the physical delivery) that everyone can use!

Her range of graphics is enormous and would fit any starting crafter: new moms, scrap-book fanatics, people who get crafty around the holidays and even just regular girls, like me, like you, who think that being a mermaid is cool!

Her store offers a lot of fun printable files with catchy word-games and funny meanings… The answer to why she’s so good at making them is mentioned in her store’s about us section, where she writes about her childhood:

I was always made fun of as a kid by the way I spelled “Mama” (I chose “Moma”) but my Mother, who always supported my uniqueness, encouraged me to spell it the way I wanted versus how others thought it needed to be spelled. I became a Mom myself in 2010 and although I hope my daughter will choose to spell it the way I did in the end it’s her decision the same as it was mine! My creativity stems from doodling and scribbling so naturally I combined the two…thus I became “ScribbleMoma”!

So, if you liked any of the beautiful crafting tools here above-
go to Emily’s store and order them!
Have fun crafting!

Are You A DIY Freak?
Are You A DIY Freak?

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