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Anti-wrinkle bandages: What are and how to use them?

Anti-wrinkle bandages

Anti-wrinkle bandages, what are? The procedure, What are their benefits, and in what cases can they be harmed? Application rules, popular brands, real reviews.

Wrinkle tapes are elastic tapes that are attached to the face according to a certain pattern to relieve hypertension in the muscles, remove edema and smooth out wrinkles and folds on the skin. This came up with aesthetic cosmetics from sports, where they were actively used to fix muscles, joints, and tendons during training and very quickly gained a whole army of female fans.

What are anti-wrinkle bandages?

Tapes are elastic tapes with an adhesive base, which are attached to the face to relieve hypertension in the muscles and remove edema and wrinkles. Despite the fact that at the moment only sports formation has been seriously studied and the results of scientists are constantly being criticized and require new scientific research, the use of wrinkle bands is becoming more widespread with each passing year.

Women in the theme forum actively share success with each other, posting pictures “before” and “after”, sharing tape technology… It is not surprising that even insecure skeptics instinctively want to get bright plaster and personally test the results of this unusual technique. But before you buy anti-wrinkle bandages, you should figure out what the action is based on.

Gluing involves attaching a piece of anti-wrinkle bandages to specific areas of the face reminiscent of a regular adhesive patch. Attach them so that:

  • Remove the skin slightly without stretching it;
  • Prevent the formation of new wrinkles;
  • Smooth out existing folds;
  • Reduce muscle tension;
  • Improve blood flow and lymph drainage.

The tapes are stored for a long time, up to several hours, because the skin retains its “given shape” after they have been removed and with regular repetition of the operation, the effect lasts longer.

Note that modern wrinkle motion detection tapes are significantly different from the awkward and not very comfortable first-generation tapes used by athletes to glue their bodies until 1988.

Modified products developed by the Japanese doctor Kenzo Kase are made from high-quality natural allergens – cotton, cotton fabric, and viscose and are similar in their properties to human skin. They come in different lengths and widths (from 1 to 5 cm), but also allow correction with scissors.

Wrinkle restraints are securely fastened and can easily stay on the face for as long as needed, they do not interfere with the breathing of the skin, are not afraid of water, bend well and retain their shape. Due to their unique properties, they cannot be replaced with ordinary adhesive plaster!

Useful properties of anti-wrinkle bandages against wrinkles

If in sports, taping is practiced to prevent injuries, relieve painkillers, and speed up trauma recovery, and in medicine – also to correct posture, then they pursue in cosmetology a completely different goal. Admittedly, elastic patches have not yet become a viable alternative to surgery, as fans of the coil predicted at the beginning of this century, but there are many indications that the use of anti-wrinkle tape makes sense:

  • The firm skin does not allow the use of facial expressions as actively as we normally do and often without noticing it. As a result, wrinkles on the face are reduced.
  • Eliminating muscle strain helps to smooth out age-related wrinkles and restore facial lines.
  • Active capillary blood flow brings nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and restores a pleasant color and softness to the face.
  • Along with the lymph node, decay products leave the cells, because the metabolic processes are accelerated and the stimulating regeneration process. And as excess fluid is also removed from the tissues, the edema decreases.

If the operation is performed by a specialist with in-depth knowledge of how to use wrinkle bandages, relaxation of the facial muscles can not only improve the appearance but also relieve headaches.

Note! The pelvic floor ligament deserves special treatment, which does not fight wrinkles, but relieves pain and promotes early healing of bruises and inflammation.

Contraindications and damage to wrinkles

The adjustment process is not without flaws. Perhaps the fattest of them is the fragility of the result that has been achieved. In order not only to enjoy a rejuvenated and rejuvenated reflection in the mirror but also to keep it with you for as long as possible, tapes must be used as part of your beauty routine. No use of anti-wrinkle face masks is sensible.

Another disadvantage is the greenhouse effect that forms under the patch for a long time despite a gentle attitude towards the skin. When used for a long time under tapes, bacteria can begin to multiply, causing acne to splash on oily skin and irritating spots on sensitive skin.

The third danger that awaits inexperienced fans of gluing is the difficulty of using tapes. By attaching the tape incorrectly to your face, you can not only solve existing problems but also add some new ones, so experts advise beginners to seek professional help at least for the first time. Well, if this is not possible, but you are determined to try to remove wrinkles, inflammation and other imperfections in the face with tapes, give yourself time to choose the layout of the tapes that suit your age and problems and research it carefully.

Finally, do not forget contraindications. The use of taps is prohibited in the following cases:

  • Lymphatic failure;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • Thrombosis;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Edema caused by disease;
  • Nasal congestion;
  • Various skin lesions on the face from scratches to eczema;
  • Inflammation of the facial nerve;
  • Acute diabetes mellitus;

Note! In rare cases, the adhesive layer of the tape may cause allergies. To make sure you do not get it, put a small piece of the patch on your hand and hold it for a few hours.

Best anti-wrinkle bandages

Unlike other cosmetics, face tapes are not yet as widespread in the beauty market as their counterparts in sporting goods, but the situation is gradually improving.

The main thing to remember for a beginner “lost”:

  • You cannot lead the temptation and buy a body tape instead of a face patch. They have different densities, and different adhesives and are not interchangeable.
  • It is better to choose tapes made of natural materials, they are safer and more comfortable to use.
  • The leading leader in this region is Japan, with South Korea on its heels. But handicrafts from China are usually of low quality. Many users have more than once questioned whether tapes made in the heavenly empire basically help with wrinkles, although there are always exceptions.

The best face creams for wrinkles:

  • The elastic band is 97% cotton with a long staple and only 3% nylon, thanks to the softest possible contact with the body’s tissues, and the soft acrylic glue used to shape the product has been specially modified for the needs of the delicate skin of the face. Each package contains 2 rolls of adhesive tape 10 m long and 2.5 cm wide. Available in 5 versions: white, beige, pink, blue, and lime.
  • ​​The combination of cotton bottom and acrylic glue does not interfere with the breathing of the skin, it is well attached to the face, and does not cause discomfort during prolonged wear. The contents of the package do not differ in many colors: only white tips with fun green stripes are for sale, but it contains 3 types of stickers of different sizes.
  • The set consists of 12 w-shaped and 30 straight beige viscose straps, which allows you to meet the most complex tape patterns. The bag is equipped with a zipper for easy storage and instructions in Russian. The tapes are made in China.

How to use anti-wrinkle bandages?

Expert’s advice removing makeup and taking some pictures against a light wall in a well-lit room before applying tape to the face. You may not look their best, as such images mercilessly emphasize all the wrinkles and asymmetries of the face, but they will also give you the opportunity to see the results of your work after a few hours of drawing.

General rules on how to use anti-wrinkle bandages:

  • Cleanse your face of make-up, wash your face and wipe your skin with a paper towel.
  • Give a short, light massage by tapping your face quickly with your fingertips to warm it up.
  • Measure or remove a tape of the desired length and shape from the set and separate it from the base.
  • Using a tape according to the diagram, stretch the skin slightly with the palm of your hand with your free hand. The spool itself does not need to be stretched at this time.
  • Leave the tape on for a long time from 30 minutes to 8 hours.
  • After the specified time, with one hand, hold the skin in the area of ​​the tape and with the other, decorate the end of the tape and remove it gently and smoothly. If you have difficulty peeling it off, dampen the tape with water.
  • Cleanse your skin with your regular lotion.
  • Apply moisturizer.

Note! Make sure that the skin under the tape does not break when you put it on, otherwise, they will be with you even after the tape has been removed.

Anti-wrinkle bandages
Anti-wrinkle bandages

Gluing is carried out in courses of 5-12 operations with a 2-3 day break if you need to eliminate a small cosmetic problem. In severe cases, the tape is used every other day for 3-4 weeks, followed by 1-3 cycles per week. In case of irritation, the procedure is stopped immediately.

Features of local use of tapes:

  • On the forehead … It takes 4-5 narrow strips of wonderful plaster to deal with folds caused by the habit of curling. From the wrinkles on the forehead, the tapes are glued vertically and laid from the bridge of the nose and the center of each eyebrow to the hairline, pulling the skin slightly with the palm of your hand.
  • Between the eyebrows … From the glabellar wrinkle, the tape is glued to the forehead with the letter V. To do this, the strip is pre-cut to length, not reaching about 1 cm from one side to the edge. An uncut foundation (gluing is called an “anchor”) is attached to the slightly stretched skin between the eyebrows and the strips that run from its point to different angles. The other 2 strips are glued vertically above the eyebrows.
  • For nasolabial folds … One edge of a wide tape (5 cm) covers the top of the nasolabial fold and the rest of the tape is glued to the skin towards the ear. There is no need to stretch the skin.
  • With the eyes … Use tape for wrinkles around the eyes with great care, never place the tape near the chest or on a movable eyelid. To combat cramps, 2 pieces of narrow tape, no longer than 4 cm in length, are placed on the skin that is slightly pulled behind the head over the outer end of the eyebrow on both sides of the face and 2 more are placed horizontally from the cheekbones for 5-7 mm distance from the edge of the lower century. Another option for using wrinkle bands under the eye suggests cutting a long tape that is 2.5-3 cm wide into 4-5 narrow sections with a common base. The “anchor” is placed at the temple above a large lymph node and banners surround the eye along with the lymph nodes.
  • By the mouth … Apply a thin strip to the skin above the upper lip and gently pull yourself down with your teeth.
  • For a clear oval on the face … The tapes are placed on both sides of the face from the point under the chin along the lower jaw to the ear.
  • On the neck … To get rid of this prominent part of the body from the “rings of Venus” and general weakness, the bottom of the glue, cut into several strips, is glued to the collarbone, and the loose bands that are placed on the side surface towards the lower jaw. In addition, for a fresher look and against wrinkles, tapes are placed on the neck in pairs: from the right and left collarbones diagonally in front of the neck to the corner of the lower jaw.
  • For general rejuvenation … To restore facial skin tone and get rid of the appearance of wrinkles, the tapes are glued along the massage lines.

Facial glue device

Today there are just an unimaginable number of recording programs. Research them quickly, choose the ones you find most interesting or useful, and start practicing. You can start using tapes from the age of 30 to prevent wrinkles and stay on for as long as you want.

Real reviews about anti-wrinkle bandages

Many positive reviews about wrinkle tapes show that the adhesive strips work and work well. If you do not expect an operation that is equivalent to “beauty shots” and scalp plastic surgery, follow the instructions carefully and do not forget about regularity, you can achieve great results.

Of course, elastic tapes were not without complaints. Women complained about the high cost of tapes, especially given that they have to be used frequently. On the folds, they leave on the skin if the tape is not applied correctly. In the short term, the impact needs to be combined and maintained. And while in most cases the idea of ​​using anti-wrinkle tapes has been called interesting and effective by reviews, there are negative points to consider.

Marina, 36 years old

It has not yet been possible to get rid of deep wrinkles but progress is obvious in every sense! I confirmed with confidence: tape works! The face is fresh, rejuvenated, and without edema. But it is important to buy high-quality tapes, I was convinced that only they differ in efficiency. And of course, do not be lazy. Then you can not only get the result but also extend it for a long time.

Nina, 42 years old

For me, the benefits of BBTape have become very light, I would even say delicate glue that holds the patch in place, but it is easy to remove on time and naturally woven foundation. Not only did my sensitive skin accept them perfectly, but it also does not feel comfortable when worn for a long time. And they are also of a suitable size and cheerful colors, which will delight you. Well, and most importantly – they respond!

Inga, 46 years old

The cost of Teana is unreasonably high; the tapes are clearly not worth the money! Sheets with a strange shape, I’m not even sure if it’s biologically calculated. More than half a thousand per week of application? Pf! In addition, the effect did not last long and after one session I discovered a wrinkle under the tape that was not present before. Although here I can admit that it is my own fault, as I have spoken and laughed a lot after attaching them.

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