Amazing Makeup Art By Tal Peleg

Makeup Art By Tal Peleg

I am a true fan of art, in all form and sizes. My personal passion is a huge piece of canvas… I make my art with oil colours, on canvases that sometimes look bigger than me. That’s why I was so amazed when I saw the work of Tal Peleg.

The Smallest Canvas In The World

Tal is doing these amazing art pieces using the smallest canvas I had ever encountered… The human eye. And the most amazing part of it all- she is doing it on her own eye!

As an artist (My Website) I can honestly say that I have such great respect for this young woman and her art. I don’t know much about the media world, but to my understanding, having 334K likes on Facebook and 218K followers on Instagram doesn’t come easy.

What I love the most about this extraordinary young woman is her inspiration for her makeup art work. If you go over her social media pages you would find makeup tributes to movies, national awareness days, books and people. Here is some of her work that I fancy the most…

Makeup Art By Tal Peleg
Makeup Art By Tal Peleg

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