ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics

ELF cosmetics (Or Eye, Lips and Face) is a relatively cheap cosmetic brand giving you products with great quality and variety. if you have a skin tone that is rare and you never seem to find the right foundation colour, if you like baked blushes, or even if you have a passion for eye shadows and you want all the colours without getting a call from your bank… ELF Cosmetics is the right cosmetic brand for you.

No Need To Get A Loan When Purchasing ELF Cosmetics

Take for example this ELF Cosmetics Makeup Collection Set… For $19.50 you get:
64 Eyeshadow shades, 8 Lipgloss shades, 4 Blush shades, 4 Bronzer shades, 1 Lip brush, 1 Eye brush and 1 Face brush.

Now- this is called makeup shopping on a budget! And your $19.50 is guilt free- since ELF Cosmetics don’t test their products on animals.

You can find other ELF Cosmetics products at, a website dedicated to health, beauty and care. If this is your first time shopping from iHerb using this link here would give you $5-10 discount with your first purchase.

My favourite products by ELF Cosmetics are the Eyebrow brush, that I use to make sure my eyebrows are not dusty and covered with powder makeup, The baked blush, that goes really well with my pale skin, and the mineral ripe rose lipstick, that kinda makes me look like snow white.

ELF Cosmetics
ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics – Literally ALL The Makeup You Need

The reason why I love ELF cosmetics so much is that you can get basically everything from their brand. I know some women like to have a foundation from one company, a blush from another and mascara from another, but i just kinda love the feeling of getting everything in one place. Don’t believe me? Watch Emily Freybler’s makeup tutorial- using only ELF Cosmetics products:

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