Puppy Love Expression & Wreath Tutorials in One Etsy Store

What I love most about Etsy is the diversity. So many people doing what they love- and they love and enjoy doing so many amazing crafts and art forms. However, some of the diversity can often happen within one Etsy store- as many sellers sell more than one of their talents!

One store that comes to mind when thinking of this diversity is DecoExchange.
DecoExchange is a sweet Etsy boutique from Luisiana that sells both sweet dog T shirts & mugs, alongside detailed wreath DIY video tutorials!

But let’s start with some puppy love- with the amazing items you could fine on DecoExchange Etsy store if you’re a dog person (or as a Christmas present):

Moving on… With DecoExchange you have access to amazing wreath tutorials that are greatly detailed and clear- allowing you to save the time and effort trying to learn for 5 minute DIY tutorials on Youtube. Their quality is top-notch and the results are amazing!

Here are a couple of wreaths you could learn how to make with DecoExchange’s DIY wreath tutorials:

Since we are now on the verge of this Holiday season, DecoExchange’s Facebook page is one you might want to follow! With over 38K people following their feed- DecoExchange shares amazing tutorials and Christmas decoration ideas this time of year! You can also visit them on their official website for the best shopping experience!

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